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Thursday, 8 July 2010

New IBM developerWorks blog: zSecurity

I've opened a new blog on the excellent IBM developerWorks platform called zSecurity. My readers who are not interested in System z issues will be delighted, as I will keep System z-specific content to that blog (and it might spill out into wikis later but that's another story) and stick to wider InfoSec stuff here.

zSecurity is here, please take a look and subscribe to the feed if you're interested in RACF, zSecure, Tivoli Security Software for z/OS and Linux on z and Enterprise Security with a Mainframe.

If you're already following me on Twitter as @alanjharrison then you will be happy to know that I will tweet my dW blog updates just as I tweet these Blogger ones, so nothing else to do there.

Thanks for reading, InfoSec people stay here, System z people: see you on dW! Thanks.

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