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Friday, 19 February 2010

Buzz lightyears behind?

Google Acknowledges Privacy Issues With Buzz - DarkReading. How disappointing then, that internet giant Google failed so badly to consider security paramount in the design of its new social media app "Buzz". I thought we'd got the message out there, this Homeland Security article was published in 2006 and the mantra "design-in security" goes back far further in the tech community at large.

Google is a great innovator, and the projects they began in-house (their search engine, toolbar and mail service for example) are usually excellent, but with Buzz they seem to be jumping on a bandwagon and doing so too hastily.

While I'm on the subject, Facebook's privacy controls are now an unholy mess. Beware if you use any social media for business, get informed about what you are revealing to the world.

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